ELE 2010

ELE 2010, June 3 2010, The Hague

América Latina y Europa – Socios y aliados

Latijns Amerika en Europa – Partners en bondgenoten

Latin America and Europe – Partners and Allies

At ELE 2010, Kathleen Ferrier received the ELE-award for her contribution to the cooperation with Latin America. Ruud Koole, vice-chair of NIMD, called her in the laudation: “The face of Latin America in the Dutch Parliament, and the face of the Dutch Parliament in Latin America.”

Kathleen Ferrier receives the ELE 2010 award form Ruud Koole

Kathleen Ferrier receives the ELE 2010 award form Ruud Koole

See the press release.

Marco Ominami at ELE2010

Marco Ominami of Chile Cambió, at ELE2010

Wim Kok at ELE2010

Wim Kok, president of the Club of Madrid, at ELE2010

Ele2010 is happy that two distinguished speakers were able to attend the conference. Mr. Wim Kok, president of the Club of Madrid, arrived from a trip in the early hours of June 3, and Mr. Marco Ominami arrived at Schiphol at 12.40, and joined the conference at 14.00h.

ELE 2010’s theme is Latin America and Europe: Partners and Allies. Partners in cooperation, allies on the world stage. Two subjects will be introduced and discussed at the conference: Democratic renewal, and Economy and globalisation.

ELE2010 wants to intensify the cooperation between Latin America and Europe, and to strenthen the involvement of Dutch citizens, organisations, and policy makers in Europa and Latin America.  The conference is a meeting place for policy makers and opinion leaders from politics, government, industry, labour unions, academics, NGOs, and media.

Confirmed speakers are: Virgilio Hernández, MP from Ecuador; Marco Antonio Enríquez-Ominami Gumucio, candidate in the presidential election of Chile; Kathleen Ferrier, MP of the Netherlands; Maarten Zwaan, co-owner of Rijk Zwaan.
More information on ELE2010 and other activities of ELE can be obtained via ELE@socires.nl.

Encuentro Latino Europeo (ELE) is a platform for policy analysis and dialogue between Latin Americans and Europeans. It is based on the conviction that there is a world to win for both Latin America and Europe in strongly intensifying their relationships; both as partners, complementing each other, and as allies, together taking responsibility for promoting a workable and sustainable world order.